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Monday, December 25, 2006

I wrote an article this morning giving my definition of what Green Lake is and isn't.

My definition is best depicted by this artist's rendition of what Green Lake has to offer in terms of housing.

I live on the Eastside in Kirkland, but if you need or want to be on the Seattle side of that 520 Bridge, I highly recommend living near Green Lake.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

In getting ready for the year to come based on the year that was, I am revisiting and revamping my blog efforts to date.

My writings at are interactive, given it is a group blog.

My writings at Ardell's Seattle Area Real Estate Blog are more consumer instructional, as I am often writing directly to my clients via pseudonym there.

My Family and Musings blog offers a more personal peek into "Who I AM", from a broader than real estate viewpoint.
While My Other Blog at Wordpress is still trying to find purpose and meaning this year.
My Website at will be going through some changes, but will remain a complete source of viewing Property For Sale in areas serviced by th Nortwest Multiple Listing Service. Pay careful attention to STATUS, as the site will only show you ACTIVE or OFFER STI, and propertyies will drop from site once a property goes Pending, and is eventually Sold.

(Photo above by Tim Knight)

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